Building the Social Dialogue for Elite Athletes within the European Union

Participants representing 26 players associations from across Europe met in Krakow, Poland from September 18-20, 2009 under the auspices of a European Commission funded project – “Building the Social Dialogue for Elite Athletes within the European Union”. UNI europa ( and the European Elite Athletes Association ( organized the meeting.

The following statements were approved by the conference for general release.


Statement on corruption in sport

The members of the European Elite Athletes Association recognize and commend section C4, clause 44, of the Coubertin Action plan of the White Paper on Sport relating to “corruption, money laundering and other financial crime”.

Corruption, for the purposes of this statement, is defined as the misuse of entrusted power for personal gain, which may not necessarily be financial.

Corruption and conflicts of interest in sport have a substantial and negative impact on the position of the athlete. Therefore, the EU Athletes member associations call, in general, for more transparency and accountability in sport. Athletes associations are prepared to play a positive role in this effort but recognize that all actors in sport including federations and leagues must tackle this problem through the adoption and implementation of codes of ethics, and the establishment of effective ethics commissions and compliance systems as is the norm in other industries.

Statement on player agents

The members recognize problems and conflicts of interest in the player transfer market. They support the process underway to study and potentially regulate the player agent industry in Europe. They call for more transparency on player transfers and agent fees and insist that players associations be involved in efforts related to the licensing and/or accreditation of agents.

Statement of support for the European Social Dialogue in the Sport Sector

The members of the European Elite Athletes Association support the European Social Dialogue application of UNI europa and EASE and pledge their support to establish and actively participate in a European Social Dialogue in the Sport Sector.

Statement regarding anti doping regulations

Athletes associations across Europe are committed to drug free sport and would support a fair and effective performance-enhancing drug testing regime that recognizes, respects and protects athletes’ legal rights as both employees and European citizens. Aspects of any regime of doping rules that are not sport specific must be negotiated directly with athlete social partner organizations through either a social dialogue or collective bargaining process.  

Conference participants included representatives from the following athletes organizations:

NL Sporter – the Dutch Olympic Athletes Association

NL Sporter (Basketball Section)

UNI europa

IRUPA – the Irish Rugby Union Players Association

GPA – the Gaelic Players Association

GIBA – the Italian Basketball Players Association

SICO – the Swedish Ice Hockey Players Association

EHPU – the European Handball Players Association

FHPA – the Finnish Ice Hockey Players Association

SP.IN – the German Basketball Players Association

AJBM – the Spanish Handball Players Association

PPF – the Professional Players Federation (11 players associations in the U.K)

FNASS – representing the French Handball Players Association

AIPAV – the Italian Volleyball Players Association

ABP – the Spanish Basketball Players Association

PSAK – the Greek Basketball Players Association

AJFS – the Spanish Indoor Football Players Association


El pasado 4 de octubre se celebró en el Hotel NH Rallye de Barcelona, la primera Asamblea de la European Handball Players Union.

Entre otros acuerdos, se establecieron las cuotas por Asociación y por jugador individual y se acordó la creación de una página WEB de la Unión:

Los sindicatos participantes: Asociación de Jugadores Franceses de Balonmano (A.J.H.P), Asociación de Jugadores/as Daneses/as de Balonmano y Asociación de Jugadores de Balonmano (A.J.BM.) estuvieron de acuerdo en todos los puntos del orden del día, situación que demuestra una vez más que los problemas son los mismos en los colectivos asociados.

La próxima cita se fijó durante la celebración del Mundial de Croacia 2009. 

Participantes en la Asamblea General.

MARCO ALBERTINI (Presidente del Sindicato de Jugadores Franceses de Balonmano) durante la Asamblea.

David Barrufet (Presidente de  A.J.BM.) y Annelisse Vide (Manager del Sindicato de Jugadores/as Daneses/as de Balonmano) durante un descanso en la Asamblea.